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Interactive Publications, Inc. ( IPI )
Who We Are

Founded in 1994 - IPI, a publisher, serves as a marketplace for information, news and breakthrough ideas. A publisher of Professional Resource Centers ( Center ).

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Useful ideas, opinions and information that within an industry make the professionals within that industry more independent intellectually and more connected professionally. Integrating industry professional's insights and information along with ideas.

The Internet, and the tools it allows us to provide, is an integral part of our publishing; but we are centered on the insights, information and ideas ( 3-I's ). The 3-I's are offered in different ways: web sites, reports, newsletters, and sometimes conferences.

We don't minimize the importance of using the best medium to maximize the effectiveness of the Center, but our central focus is on the 3-I's. The business is organized as well as centered according to the 3-I's. Where the 3-I's are in common, they are integrated and become part of a 'Professional Resource Center'.

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Each Center becomes a business and is led by one who understands the Center, its market, its purpose and its vision. Furthermore, one who is impassioned to fulfill the Vision of the Center.

More about what a Center is?

It is the product in which the 3-I's, which have logical common elements within an industry or market niche, are integrated.

The 3-I's are integrated for the purpose of enlightening professionals in that industry. This Center will almost always include web sites as a medium and will usually also include other mediums such as reports, newsletters, conferences or other mediums by which the Center can be beneficial to the customer.

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The content of the Center is often made up from a number of sources such as:

  • governmental actions or rulings;
  • professional articles-briefs-summaries-opinions;
  • industry affiliates authoring/contributing content for the Center;
  • professional organizations within the industry working with the Center;
  • news services' releases for the industry;
  • forums and networking opportunities within the Center.
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The Center can also provide a variety of online tools and services; traditional professional services; and guidance in how to find other resources. These can include:

  • a variety of mediums including web sites, reports, newsletters, etc.;
  • interactive collaboration and forum tools for the users;
  • personalization and customization for the user (not necessarily only for the online medium);
  • intelligent and creative search and navigation tools designed to get the user answers they seek and to get them fast;
  • user searches and results can be saved by the user for later review;
  • compiling of reports from selected data;
  • other unique means and processes designed to improve efficiency and usefulness to the user.

Accompanying these with additional content and other services which further assists the user in their professional needs.

Our greatest challenge is converting information into knowledge --- to be used to make positive differences in the professional success and/or intellectual elevation of people.


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