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About Our Publishing Services

As is mentioned elsewhere on this web site, we are publishers. Publishers of what we call 'Professional Resource Centers'. Typically we consider these Centers to be one of two primary types:

  • a titled 'Resource Center' targeted to a specific market;
  • a web site Center - developed and managed for an organization.
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Click here for a broader explanation of a 'Professional Resource Center'.

A Center can be an IPI title, a title of an affiliated division of IPI or another organization's title which IPI has entered into an agreement for publishing services. The same could apply whether it's a titled Center or a developed and managed web site Center.


The quality of our publications, including the Web sites, are such that customers will experience relevant and targeted experiences each time interactions take place.

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The Internet continues to become a more and more critical medium for collecting and exchanging information and conducting information and services commerce for nearly all industries. Keeping the central focus on the 3-I's (insights, information and ideas) helps assure the Center will be established as a crucial tool and ultimately a destination for anyone involved with or concerned about the direction and development of the industry being targeted.

Many things contribute to our success, such as:

  • a main office in the University of Illinois Research Park and working closely with the University gives us access to top talent and technological advances;
  • keeping focused on the insights, information and ideas of each Professional Resource Center;
  • Each Center is led by one who understands the Center, its market, its purpose, its vision; and one who is impassioned to fulfill its Vision;
  • we understand that the Internet is part of the picture not always the whole;
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IPI has successfully published in the legal, education, energy, telecommunications, government, travel and other industries.  IPI has worked successfully with law firms, corporations, print publishers, organizations/associations, academia and others in the development of Centers.

Want to know more?
Contact us at 800 303-8035 or
email us at info@interactivepub.com

Interactive Publications, it's staff, partners or affiliates do not send unsolicited (spam) email as a part of our marketing practices. In fact our own email servers are set up to restrict bulk email deliveries as well as receive them.


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